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Meshkov Nikolay Ivanovich, Doctor of psychological science, professor, sub-department of psychology, Ogarev Mordovia State University (68 Bolshevistskaya street, Saransk, Russia),

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Background. It’s necessary to place a high emphasis on pedagogical specialists training in the system of higher professional education, because they in their turn teach specialists of different sectors defining socio-economic trends in the country. The research goal is to analyze and evaluate pedagogical specialists training in the system of higher professional education in the country.
Material and methods. The paper is prepared both on the basis of theoretical and practical materials. The main research methods included observing independentwork of students, interviewing and surveying aimed at studying attitudes of students to the teacher profession and its importance.
Results. The author conducted a theoretical analysis of the problem of pedagogical specialists training on the basis of experimental and practical data.
Conclusions. Unfortunately, the social status of a teacher does not reach the necessary level. One of the tasks of the national educational politicy consists in its raising. The defect of pedagogical work shows up on students (didactogenia) and also on a teacher (emotional burnout). Teachers training at the specialist degree level can enhance their professional level. There is an imperative need now for training engineering teachers oriented at developing the spiritual-moral culture in students.

Key words

pedagogical personnel, status of a teacher, didactogenia, emotional burnout, pedagogical technologies, spiritual-moral culture

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